´Will Of The Wild: Dublin During The Great Snow´ 

´La Voluntad De Lo Salvaje: Dublin Bajo La Gran Nevada´

By far one of the most fulfilling experience I've had with these guys.  

This is the third and last part of my exhibition so before you go, I want to thank you for your HUGE SUPPORT translated into those great words, messages, emails, questions etc. 

Enjoy it,

Giuseppe ER


´Last Night In Town: Dublin During The Great Snow´ 

´Anoche En La Ciudad: Dublin Bajo La Gran Nevada´

Mysteriously magical night in the town.

For a moment everything was confusing to interpret I could still notice the great atmosphere we were having because of the snowfall, but at the same time everything seemed uncomfortably alone. The buses, the taxis, that constant noise in the city all that suddenly disappeared to open the way to mystery and a little loneliness.

Considering all that, I focused on isolating the characters in my photographs while still using the colorful backgrounds of the city.

Enjoy this second part of the exhibition and feel free to let yourself be absorbed by the meaning of the photographs.

Giuseppe ER

´Frozen In Time : Dublin During The Great Snow´ 

´Tiempo Congelado : Dublin Bajo La Gran Nevada´

A missed flight was the beginning of a great story.

With more than 4700 pictures, over 50 kilometers walked in three days and putting my gear in more than one occasion at risk I was able to capture the pure essence of Dublin during the snowfall.

The most difficult thing was not in capturing those pictures but in the selection of them. Basically I focused on selecting for this exhibition pictures of iconic places knowing that what was happening those days in town was unique but at the same time pictures that could tell stories by themselves. So to showcase my work during those days and without any intention of saturate you with all at once I decided to divided it in 3 parts ( Day, Night and Nature ) starting today and leaving 2 weeks in between for the next one.

I hope you enjoy this exhibition as well as I do.

Giuseppe ER

I have never been so happy to miss a flight to be part of a historic event like the great snowfall of Dublin.

© 2018 Giuseppe ER @antppe